Not Always Life is Better Abroad

This week I talked with a friend who is currently living in the UK and once again was disappointed of the way of living in this great great country. Ok, I have never lived in a foreign country for a long time (just visited for a maximum of two weeks) but certainly I think I’ve grasped the most obvious things that I don’t like in the West of the EU. For example, I don’t like the slow Internet connection, neither do I like that supermarkets close at 18.00-19.00 in the evening and remain closed on Sunday. I really am not used to such a way of living. Of course, I could get used to but I really don’t want to be told that everything outside my home country is better.

We want so desperately to leave Bulgaria because the country is poor and qualified professionals barely have enough money to raise a child or save for the future. And hyped up at the thought of higher salaries  most of the times we really forget that not always things abroad are perfect. We are being discriminated against, we are an object of populist ideas, we are living in an unfamiliar environment, people are not always nice, sometimes are strange, have strange jokes and don’t laugh when you are saying something funny etc. A lot of things that you can get used to but when considering „why should I?“ a person should carefully weigh the pros and cons.

Yes, the salaries in the richer EU states are higher, the economy as well as the social welfare – better. The corruption is less or you don’t know about it. The life seems safer (not always it is) and you can afford things like holidays or a flight to Rome or Paris on the weekend.

And about my friend in UK. She is just great. She is working in audit company and earns just enough to pay her bills and buy food. She does not feel at home constantly being told that she is from East Europe. In her working environment she is the strange one.

Somebody may say UK is not Europe and would be right. British really want to be different but sure they have a lot in common with people from France and Germany for example. They complain that people are stealing their jobs but don’t want to work in the fast food industry because it’s below them (places reserved for foreigners). They claim their countries are rich but need the work force of the east Europeans to create that added value in the economy. And so on…

I really don’t want to post a hate speech but was just pissed off because of so many remarks that „life is better abroad“ or people from Bulgaria and Romania will flood our market“. I also am looking for better working opportunities outside my home county but certainly I don’t want to escape from Bulgaria.