Архив за етикет: misspelled

You can’t change the misspelled name on your Lufthansa ticket. But don’t worry

There is a mistake in the name on your Lufthansa flight ticket and you are wondering whether you can change it? Don’t wonder. You can’t.

I had to travel from Sofia, Bulgaria to Strasbourg, France and a day before the flight I noticed that my surname on the flight reservation was written „Brazilska“ and not „Barzilska“. Yes, it’s not a big mistake, just two letters reversed. But I really was worried that I won’t be able to leave Sofia because, you know, the name in my ID card is different.

I called the office of Lufthansa at Sofia airport. They told me that the mistake shouldn’t be a problem and I could departure without worry. The only thing I had to do is to check-in at the counters at the airport and not via internet. First, I was skeptic but it really turned out to be okay and  I didn’t have problems going to and back from Strasbourg.