Архив за етикет: women

The sex and the city

I was resting at home for two whole days (God bless the weekend and the cold weather) and doing enormously relaxing things like watching „Sex and the City“.

When I was little I really thought that the TV series are stupid and shallow and I shouldn’t waste my time watching them. But now I really think I wasn’t right. Or maybe I have already reached the age when I can associate myself with the characters.

The series tell us about strong single women who can really do their job, sometimes aren’t very smart, sometimes are shallow and sometimes extremely profound regarding the things that really matter. I really enjoyed watching the series and now I could say that we sure should make the most of the sex and the city.

We are also at fault for the inequality

Me and two of my friends were arguing yesterday about the inequality among the high management levels in the corporate sector. All of us young working women agreed that ladies are better at managing tasks, work faster and have higher motivation. And why is that?

In my opinion a lot of men are „just for show“ when working. The wear suits, smile with confidence and talk big. They make the impression that they can really do the job and people believe in them.

But there is certainly a contradiction – for me personally. As ashamed as I could be of myself I also had a couple of encounters when I thought that a man was doing his job great just because he showed a lot of confidence. Then I found out who was supporting him – staying late to finish the project, working on a couple of things just because there aren’t enough people etc. – all women. Furthermore, in my work when hiring new recruitments for the internship program I preferred boys. I thought they will be better.

When thinking about that maybe I was affected by this belief in the society that men are  better professionals. And I am a woman. And I claim I’m a great professional (although like everyone else I do make mistakes). Sure, I try to be objective but why should I try…I mean isn’t it normal to assess a person based on his overall appearance and experience and not on „he“ or „she“? And why do I believe I have the opinion that women work better but still prefer working with men? Part of the reason might be because I know men are more focused at work – their brains work like that. But it’s not only that. Sure, there is inequality but we ladies are also at fault for the status quo.